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If life is feeling heavy in a particular area for you, then you’re not alone.

Everyone is struggling in one way or another, and the fact that you’re here looking for help shows you’ve recognised that in yourself, and you’ve made the first step to finding your answers.

And that’s what Uplift Therapies is about. It’s helping you find your own answers.

Nobody should ever claim to know how you should live your life, have an opinion on whether the decisions you make are right or wrong, or tell you your next course of action. You don’t need anyone to do that. You already know. You are just likely unaware that you know.

Often, state of mind is the result of the wider world in one way or another conflicting with what you know and what you feel deep inside, causing all sorts of symptoms – both mental and physical.


People often wonder what hypnotherapy can do and that answer really is endless.



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Initial Consult



60 – 90 mins

Standard Session



50 – 60 mins

Block Booking (4+)


£60 (per session)

50 – 60 mins (per session)

An initial consult is always required before a block booking is made.
If a block booking is made and further sessions are required, for the same sequence of treatment, beyond those originally booked, the reduced price will be honoured for the additional sessions.

Corporate Rates


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Phone: 07368 321705
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Phone: 07368 321705

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