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How did Uplift Therapies come to be you might ask?
Well, having witnessed someone incredibly close to me struggle with their mental health for many years with some very dark periods in that time, I reached a point where I began to notice more and more of the people around me, important individuals in my life, struggling in different ways too.

As someone who had always had a pragmatic approach to life, it then came as quite a shock when my own mental health took a bit of turn. Being witness to someone struggling through their end of life, living through that resulting grief, all alongside general daily life struggles and then being faced with sudden trauma which turned an already unsettled life upside down yet again, I know first hand how heavy life can get from time to time.

I knew I had to find a way of being able to help others whilst also helping myself. Hypnotherapy is what I found. And I have seen how much of an impact it can have. I have seen how it can turn a person from being a shadow of themselves, into a full, technicolour, HD version.

I have experienced myself, the importance of acceptance, having to find a way of giving myself permission to be and feel the way I need to and being grateful for all the smaller things. Because the smaller things are important. When those overwhelming things in life seem too much, there is always a smaller thing within that bigger picture that we can find to be grateful for and that we can bring our focus to. Focusing on that one thing at a time, that’s the key. And that’s ultimately how hypnosis works. Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxed focus that each and every person has experienced at some point and is fully capable of. It’s a mindfulness almost.

Get in touch today with me today and we will work together to help you become the version of you that you know you can be.

Callie Murphy, DHP, LAPHP


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